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Wardrobe organising service in London

By nature, we own a lot of clothes. This is something agreed upon across the board. The pandemic put to sleep most of our clothes that no longer served a purpose Monday to Friday. Our body shapes even changed too.

One common theme that I see across most wardrobes is that there simply isn't enough space to store all your clothes neatly. In the most simple terms, own less. If you have less clothes, you have less to tidy away - a win win.

1. Let's face it, summer in the UK can be hit and miss, therefore clothes that are best suited to very high temperatures or even the beach, should be separated from your everyday clothes. If you're short on space, you can keep these items in a suitcase or on a shelf that isn't necessarily reachable everyday. Be realistic with yourself, only integrate into your seasonable wardrobe what you're going to wear as some outfits really do belong on holiday.

2. You can rearrange your clothes beautifully in your wardrobes once a year but if you're lacking wardrobe space, the clothes won't stay neat for very long. Try and declutter every few months. The more often you do it, the easier it will get (and the less you'll have to do). You should be able to pull across hangers when sifting through your clothes so use this as a thumb rule for making sure you leave enough space between hanging items for clothes to breathe properly. The more bunched up the clothing, the more likely you are to have creased clothes and attract moths.

3. Every time you introduce an item of clothing into your wardrobe, set yourself the challenge to remove one piece of clothing. One comes in, one goes out. If you have lots of clothes, increase how many items you remove. We often fall short at taking to charity shops our clothes to donate and i cannot recommend enough iCollect who come to your home and take them away for you. They sort through your clothing in their warehouse and choose the right charities to donate to.

We are naturally gravitating towards a more minimalist life, less is more these days. Always start with an easy win and for me, it's to declutter first. See what you can remove before you start curating your wardrobes. The ultimate goal is to see how much space you have left to work with.

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