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I have a proven track record in helping clients to create a calmer home to live in. I work in a very gentle but practical manner by organising and decluttering to make the every day simpler. I can work within a flat, organising from top to bottom through to helping you pack up your home and unpack at the other side with organised systems from day one.

I am also able to provide references from previous clients on request.


The Organised Curator was set up out of a passion for designing simple, aesthetically pleasing and practical environments.


Having worked for the likes of Soho House, LVMH and Estée Lauder, where styling was at the epicentre of every event, I wanted to translate this practice into working with real people in real homes.


My ten years of experience as an events designer has given me a unique perspective on how to maximise space available to create beautiful yet functional living spaces.

About Organising and Decluttering Service London


"Andrea helped us get ourselves organised ahead of a big move abroad. She helped us downsize and simplify our belongings so we could unpack with ease on the other side."


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